I'm Thiago Klafke, born in Brazil and currently living in Irvine, CA, where I work as a Senior Environment Artist at Blizzard Entertainment. This website contains my work and a bit of myself. Enjoy!

Contact: mail @ thiagoklafke dot com

Overwatch - Eichenwalde

Environment work I did for the Eichenwalde map.

Overwatch - Lijiang Tower

Environment work I did for the Lijiang Tower map.

Overwatch - Ilios

Environment work I did for the Ilios map.

Overwatch - Nepal

Environment work I did for the Nepal map.

Office Environment Tutorial

In this tutorial series, I make an office environment from scratch, describing each step on the way. I cover topics such as modularity, PBR materials, lighting, post-processing, and many others.
Get it on: Gumroad - Cubebrush (free sample available)


This is a "spin-off" of my Sampa environment. I basically expanded the playable space and added new ambients. This is still a very early version with lots of polish left to do.

Download version 0.1 (This is an old build and I can't guarantee that it will work properly in your headset!)


I just wanted to create somewhere I could live :).

Starcraft II Legacy of the Void

Samples of the environment work I did for the Starcraft II Legacy of the Void campaign. My main responsibilities included the creation of architectural buildings, textures, terrain tilesets and lighting for most of the maps.

Throne Room - Temple of Utu

This is a co-creation with my good friend Martin Holmberg for Polycount/Allegorithmic's Throne Room contest. We got the second place.

Zest Foundation

Really old school environment I made back in 2009 to explore modularity. I then wrote a popular tutorial based on what I learned while making it. Some of the information is outdated so take this with a grain of salt!

Old school gallery

Archive of some old stuff and unfinished works.